Шуйский филиал
федерального государственного бюджетного
образовательного учреждения
высшего образования

Shuya State Pedagogical University - Russian modern academic scientific methodical center

The university has rich cultural traditions in the field of clerical education. It started its history in September 1816, when a clerical school was started in Shuya. The next steps of SSPU development are as follows: 1921 – organization of a pedagogical school; 1939 – organization of a pedagogical institute; 1952 – organization of a pedagogical higher educational establishment; 1996 – the status of the pedagogical university is acquired.

The university has prepared more than 20.000 qualified professionals from the time of its inception. Currently 7.000 students are engaged in 34 fields of studies at 10 departments, about 200 graduate and post-graduate students, more than 400 applicants are taking classes in the Department of Pre-University Training, more than 1000 professionals are updating their qualificationat SSPU.

Department of Mathematics & ShopMathematics 032100, ComputerScience 030100, ShopClassand Business 030600, EmergencyTraining 033300, HomeEconomics 230600
Department of Social Sciences & HumanitiesManagement of Organization 061100, Law 521400, Economics 521600
Department of History & PhilologyThe Russian Language and Literature 032900, History 032600, Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education 031200, Foreign Language (English, German, French) 033200, Religious Studies 022200
Department of Pedagogy & PsychologyPsychology 521000, Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education 031200, Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology 030900, Pedagogy and Psychology 031000, Social Pedagogy 031300, Speech Therapy 031800, Pedagogy of the Mentally Ill 031700
Department of ArtFolk Art and Crafts 052300, Painting 030800
Department of Geography & Environmental StudiesGeography 032500, Biology 032400
Department of Physical EducationPhysical Education 033100, Biology 032400
Department of Distance EducationPedagogy and Psychology 031100, Social Pedagogy 031300
Department of Qualification Improvement"Pedagogy and Psychology", "Speech Therapy" - higher vocational education level; "Economics", "Law" - baccalaureate
Department of Additional Educational Services"Masseuse", "Foreign Language" - certificate level; "PC operator", "Secretary" - primary vocational education level; "Commercial Banking Accountant" - secondary vocational education level; "Economics", "Law" - baccalaureate; "Speech Therapy" - higher vocational education level


  • 01.01.06 – Mathematical Logic, Algebra and Theory of Numbers;
  • 05.11.17 – Devices, Systems and Products for Medical Use;
  • 05.13.18 – Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Systems;
  • 05.13.19 – Methods and Systems of Data and Information Security;
  • 07.00.02 – Russian History;
  • 08.00.01 – Economic Theory;
  • 09.00.05 – Ethics;
  • 10.01.01 – Russian Literature;
  • 10.02.01 – The Russian Language;
  • 13.00.01 – General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education;
  • 13.00.02 – Theory and Methods of Education and Children Rearing (the Russian Language, Shop Class);
  • 13.00.04 – Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Sports Training, Health and Adaptive Physical Training;
  • 19.00.01 – General Psychology, Personal Psychology, History of Psychology;
  • 19.00.02 – Psychophysiology;
  • 19.00.13 – Psychology of Development and Acmeology.


The Post-graduate School was started at the university in 1997.

There are two degrees to be obtained there.

  • 13.00.01 – General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education;
  • 19.00.01 – General Psychology, Individual Psychology, History of Psychology.

Such scientific schools of SSPU as Acmeology, Mathematical Logic, Algebra, Theory of Numbers, Ethics are well known in Russian science. Scientific researches in more than 40 scientific trends are being conducted here. It was SPPU that worked out the concept of multiple level system of teacher’ s training for a rural school with reduced numbers of students. A scientific laboratory of Russian Academy of Education (RAE) " Integration Technologies of Rural School Teacher’s Training" and a branch of Moscow Research Center on the Problems of the Quality of Teachers’ Training have been started at the university.